what’s happening in Bangladesh!!!

hi world did you know what is happening in Bangladesh, if you don’t know then please listen – last few days ago their happened a accident beside a college footpath in Dhaka (capital of Bangladesh) and their 2college student died and the accident happened by the ruff driving of a local bus driver the bus driver was trying to overtake one another and did the accident

then all the student of school and college come out of their institution for the justice for the murdered student………..it was working good as a nonpolitical protest.

but now it becomes total mess…


please watch in youTube….plese


love in the air

love is in the air
although u are so far;
but i don’t care;
i just love you:
here ,there , everywhere;

never say never 

when you say that you can’t do, you never can do it means you can’t do it, it’s not your cup of tea.

And believe me sweetheart if you ever think or said that “you never can do it”   believe me you never can do that.

A man can  break the mountain if he think he could do it ,if he approach with proper confidence ..

If i think that I never could write nice story and stop writing then   who will write this blog hmm😉

Whatever ,I am just telling you that if you have that confidence that you could do it then just do it or start it , please don’t hesitate or West your time by thinking that you can’t do it …

In the way of success their is only one word and that is “never say never , just do it”…

Life is lot’s of chances

Firstly let me clarify why I said “life is lot’s of chances”. many people used to said me that you will get only one chance in life ,if you can’t hit it then there is no way…

But the fact is I don’t believe in that.for me you can get a lot of chance in your everyday life ,in case if you miss any chance you will get another chance . that’s why i use to say life is lot’s of chances.

But there is an condition and that is you have to work hard for another chance .if you failed in any chance then please don’t lose your hope because if you wark hard you will must get another chance.

Let me give you an example suppose a scientist failed in an invitation then he don’t give up he start work again for getting another chance of invention ,he work hard until he get his success , till then he get his chance again and again ..

Our life is not so much different from that,we will get a chance and we will fail it then we will get another chance,but for that we have to work hard, you can’t lose your hope….

So just work hard and ready for another chance….

Only You can judge yourself.

I have a friend name is Sam,some days ago Sam told me that 

“Why you are so much boring?”

I told him”no one ever told me something just like this”😭

He replied me”as because of anyone doesn’t ever told you about it,so it doesn’t mean that you are not like that”😒

That line just blow my mind,forget about that boringness,just think it’s so much true that as people don’t tell us about our bad part it doesn’t mean we are so good.That is those peoples greatness that they don’t say any bad thing about us.

Yeah some people judge but they judge about your present work,what you are doing,whats your present life etc but most of the people will never judge you by your human characteristic’s they even not think about it and if they think they don’t told to you about it.

No human are perfect,if human will be perfect then they will not called human they will called Angel.

When a baby born,he/she was not a human that time (not practically) , they was like Angel that time.you can feel the meaning of pleasure and happiness by seeing at the eye of a baby child.but as they become older they start to become human.

My question is when we know that we are not perfect then why we judge others character,firstly we need to justify ourselves:

#am I perfect?

#am I good human being?

#is my soul is pure?

First you need to got the answer about your own character than you can justify others.

As I firstly told you that people doesn’t told you about your bad part that doesn’t mean you are perfect and now I’m telling that don’t judge others character before judging your own….

Trust your gut, you know yourself,so don’t let someone else tell you who you are.

Let me clear,i am just only told you that other people will not judge you or if someone judge that will not be💯percent right,as like I am not that much of boring😉, so my clear point is judge yourself,first you know about yourself,what you are,whats your minds want etc.

When you started knowing yourself,you will become your own best friend…..

10 Facts of America you need to know.

Here is some information about America,that most people people don’t know about it.and all information collected form reliable source..

#1:one out of every eight American employed by MacDonald’s at some point.

#2: Apple company has more money then united state Treasury have.

#3: 46 million people of united states live on food stamps,on the whole their is one child out of every four children living in food stamps.

#4: American eat about 100 acres of pizza each day,with about 3 billion pizza sold annually in U.S.A.😗

#5: New Jersey is home of the world’s highest roller coaster.

#6: 32% of all land in u.s is owned by the federal government.

#7: The original capital of united states is Philadelphia.😎

#8: According to the one recent survey,81 percent of Russian still now have a negative view of U.S,that is much higher than at the end of cold war era .

#9: Their is actually a place in Michigan called”hell”🌋🌋

#10: The most interesting facts about America is their is no official language in the country…..

Thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,be with us for more information.good luck.

Friend or Facebook 

It was a time when people use to talk with friends face to face , spend time together hanging out together,it was too much fun.but now it’s become virtual world,their is no need of any friend because a user of Facebook can get thousands of friend from different countries of world ,in one side it’s so much interesting and fascinating that you are meeting with so many people or friends form the different place…….

But what happened to your those friends,once you can’t spend a day without talking to them and now?

I am not telling that Facebook change our friendship fully,its just make our friend world a virtual world,we used to chat at it,some time we make group chat  it’s so much fun for us (really!!)
My question is if one day we have to choose any one from Facebook and friend.what we will choose⛄⛄

Ohhhhhhhh you are thinking it’s so much easy,no dear it’s not,now you lives a world where friendship are making by Facebook,frendship are dependent on how many likes you got like on your status,ur Facebook I’d becomes your public identification.if you change your name at national id card no one ask you but if you change your Facebook account name then thousands of ask you😂😂,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think now you get my point and what you thinking hmmm..

Everyone wants more friend now , but have you ever been realized that those days when you don’t have Facebook and you have only a few friends (not virtual) but you still can feel the flavors of those days………….

But end of the day you will miss the days of without Facebook ………………….

why fast and furious series is best.

Their are lot’s of movies about the fastest cars and other lot’s of action stuff ,but when we see the fast and furious series it’s not only about the fastest car or action,its more about family.yes that is best part of fast and furious series if we look form 2001 to 2017 lot’s of things have changed but one thing is still not change that is the family.

Firstly people love the action of this film then they attacked by the family thoughts of the film.thats why now Roman pitar,and tej parkar are one of the most important character of the series.

A lots of people thought after the death of Paul Walker the series will not work,but the main thing of that film was family and every fan of that series think themselves as a part of that film,thats why still it’s rocking in the box-office,

How much love people gave to Paul Walker u can fell by the song see you again.its one of most visited song of YouTube,and the song now becomes a friendship song forever…………. because it’s not about business it’s all about family and never messed up with a man’s family.

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