He is sahid rumi

You need to know about rumi ,in Bangladesh he is known as sahid(died for his country) rumi ,he is son of jahanara imam,and first time people know him by his mother’s diary #days of 71″ .

Everyone know that he just died for his country but did anyone know how much sacrifice he did for his country,in 1971 he was admitted to Chicago for engineering but he didn’t go as the war began he just said to her mother that 

“”Today if i don’t go to war then maybe I will be successful in life but I can’t forgive myself “”

Then his mother replies”I dedicated your life for independence of this country”

Then rumi go to the war,he training in the sector 2 ,at Meghalay border at captain Khaled mosafor.after training he comes dhaka and took many operation on behalf of muktibahini(liberation warrior).

After many successful operation he come to home to his mother and that time he was arrested by Pakistani army,not only him but also arrested his brother Jami and father.at the jail he told his brother that”I am so tuff you know that,they can’t bring a single ward form my mouth”

He also told his brother that they hit him so much that inside his body he is feeling his bons is smashed..

After one day his brother and father was released but he wasn’t.

And anyone don’t know when army killed him………

Post by: asef imtiaj 


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