why fast and furious series is best.

Their are lot’s of movies about the fastest cars and other lot’s of action stuff ,but when we see the fast and furious series it’s not only about the fastest car or action,its more about family.yes that is best part of fast and furious series if we look form 2001 to 2017 lot’s of things have changed but one thing is still not change that is the family.

Firstly people love the action of this film then they attacked by the family thoughts of the film.thats why now Roman pitar,and tej parkar are one of the most important character of the series.

A lots of people thought after the death of Paul Walker the series will not work,but the main thing of that film was family and every fan of that series think themselves as a part of that film,thats why still it’s rocking in the box-office,

How much love people gave to Paul Walker u can fell by the song see you again.its one of most visited song of YouTube,and the song now becomes a friendship song forever…………. because it’s not about business it’s all about family and never messed up with a man’s family.


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