Friend or Facebook 

It was a time when people use to talk with friends face to face , spend time together hanging out together,it was too much fun.but now it’s become virtual world,their is no need of any friend because a user of Facebook can get thousands of friend from different countries of world ,in one side it’s so much interesting and fascinating that you are meeting with so many people or friends form the different place…….

But what happened to your those friends,once you can’t spend a day without talking to them and now?

I am not telling that Facebook change our friendship fully,its just make our friend world a virtual world,we used to chat at it,some time we make group chat  it’s so much fun for us (really!!)
My question is if one day we have to choose any one from Facebook and friend.what we will choose⛄⛄

Ohhhhhhhh you are thinking it’s so much easy,no dear it’s not,now you lives a world where friendship are making by Facebook,frendship are dependent on how many likes you got like on your status,ur Facebook I’d becomes your public identification.if you change your name at national id card no one ask you but if you change your Facebook account name then thousands of ask you😂😂,,,,,,,,,,,,,I think now you get my point and what you thinking hmmm..

Everyone wants more friend now , but have you ever been realized that those days when you don’t have Facebook and you have only a few friends (not virtual) but you still can feel the flavors of those days………….

But end of the day you will miss the days of without Facebook ………………….


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