10 Facts of America you need to know.

Here is some information about America,that most people people don’t know about it.and all information collected form reliable source..

#1:one out of every eight American employed by MacDonald’s at some point.

#2: Apple company has more money then united state Treasury have.

#3: 46 million people of united states live on food stamps,on the whole their is one child out of every four children living in food stamps.

#4: American eat about 100 acres of pizza each day,with about 3 billion pizza sold annually in U.S.A.😗

#5: New Jersey is home of the world’s highest roller coaster.

#6: 32% of all land in u.s is owned by the federal government.

#7: The original capital of united states is Philadelphia.😎

#8: According to the one recent survey,81 percent of Russian still now have a negative view of U.S,that is much higher than at the end of cold war era .

#9: Their is actually a place in Michigan called”hell”🌋🌋

#10: The most interesting facts about America is their is no official language in the country…..

Thanks for reading,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,be with us for more information.good luck.


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