Only You can judge yourself.

I have a friend name is Sam,some days ago Sam told me that 

“Why you are so much boring?”

I told him”no one ever told me something just like this”😭

He replied me”as because of anyone doesn’t ever told you about it,so it doesn’t mean that you are not like that”😒

That line just blow my mind,forget about that boringness,just think it’s so much true that as people don’t tell us about our bad part it doesn’t mean we are so good.That is those peoples greatness that they don’t say any bad thing about us.

Yeah some people judge but they judge about your present work,what you are doing,whats your present life etc but most of the people will never judge you by your human characteristic’s they even not think about it and if they think they don’t told to you about it.

No human are perfect,if human will be perfect then they will not called human they will called Angel.

When a baby born,he/she was not a human that time (not practically) , they was like Angel that can feel the meaning of pleasure and happiness by seeing at the eye of a baby child.but as they become older they start to become human.

My question is when we know that we are not perfect then why we judge others character,firstly we need to justify ourselves:

#am I perfect?

#am I good human being?

#is my soul is pure?

First you need to got the answer about your own character than you can justify others.

As I firstly told you that people doesn’t told you about your bad part that doesn’t mean you are perfect and now I’m telling that don’t judge others character before judging your own….

Trust your gut, you know yourself,so don’t let someone else tell you who you are.

Let me clear,i am just only told you that other people will not judge you or if someone judge that will not be💯percent right,as like I am not that much of boring😉, so my clear point is judge yourself,first you know about yourself,what you are,whats your minds want etc.

When you started knowing yourself,you will become your own best friend…..


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